naughtyjessicathoughts: On the first day of every month there…


On the first day of every month there would be a knock on my apartment door which meant I was about to be fucked. I had lost my job a few months ago and money had been tight. I hadn’t been able to pay my rent for two months which was when my landlord came knocking on my door. He was an older Russian man, mid 50s maybe, whose English wasn’t very good at all.

“Jessica you pay rent. Two times no pay me. You pay me rent or on street,” he said as he pointed down the hallway towards the elevators. I had been dreading this moment as I honestly didn’t have the money for my rent.

“Mr Sokolov please could you give me one more month to get the rent money? I have some job interviews and I’m sure I will get something so I could pay you in full next month,“ I said looking at him as pitifully as I could.

“No. You pay me or street. I no fool Jessica,” he said as he looked like he was getting angrier by the second.

“Please Mr Sokolov, I promise you I will pay you the rent in full next month,” I said again but he just shook his head. He stared at me for a moment then leaned in closer to me and spoke to me in almost a whisper.

“You pay money or you pay with body,” he said as his eyes glanced down to my chest then back up to my eyes. I was a little shocked but I had known this had been a remote possibility. I had heard rumours that he had been fucking another young woman on the 10th floor without his wife knowing. “Well what is your choice?” he said as he started to get a very dirty grin on his face, “Street or Pussy?”

I stood there as his eyes wandered down my body knowing he was undressing me in his mind.

“If I give you what you want then my rent is cleared? 3 months rent?” I asked.

“No. 1 month rent. More rent for more pussy,” was is answer and this is how I started getting fucked on the first of every month. He would knock on my door around 9pm and by 9.05pm his cock was inside me as he fucked me hard and deep. He had started insisting that I answer the door to him naked except for wearing a pair of red high heels. I would open the door for him then I would lead him to the bedroom as he walked behind me staring at my ass and legs. Then he would push me down against the bed while he stripped naked. He would slap my ass a few times and shove his fingers into my pussy to make sure I was wet enough for him. Then he would slide his cock into my pussy. As soon as he was inside me he would grab my hips and fuck me as hard as he could. Mr Sokolov was not a quick fuck n cum kinda guy. He could fuck for a very long time without cumming and he enjoyed being able to make me orgasm multiple times before he was done with me. After a couple of months I found a new job but I chose to continue exchanging my pussy for rent as I became addicted to the way he could make me cum with his hard cock.

He started coming around once a week instead of just once a month and I let him fuck me every single time. After a few months he stopped using condoms and would fill my bare pussy with his seed over and over. One day after he had fucked me he said he had something to admit to me.

“Jessica, my wife knows I fuck you,” he blurted out which scared me to death. I suddenly had images of his wife hunting me down wanting to kill me, until he added, “She knows and wants to watch me fuck the sexy girl.”

“She wants to watch you fucking me? Are you being serious Mr Sokolov?” I asked still unbelieving what he was telling me. I got my answer a week later when his wife was sat in a chair in front of the bed as her husband fucked my pussy good and hard. I was looking into her eyes as he made me cum on his cock, squealing and panting as my breasts bounced back and forth, as he slammed me with his cock, grunting obscenities as he pumped his seed deep inside me. She started licking his cum from my soaked pussy after he had unloaded into me. I had become their personal cum slut. He would fill me with cum and she would lick me clean, and I would orgasm endlessly for both of them ?