everyboyzdream:  The first time he went down on me I was very…


 The first time he went down on me I was very nervous.
We had been playing with each other for four or five months by then. We had gone through nearly every stage by then from masturbation through clothes, hand jobs, me oral on him, rubbing his man parts on my mommy parts then eventually the glorious moment we were playing the rub game and I spread my legs wide and guided his hard, eager cock to my hungry mommy parts, let him know it was ok and pulled him into me. Wow, that is another story. Each level was somewhat awkward at the beginning but soon became a part of our daily routine. 
The combination of the taboo aspect, with his young horny age had him coming to me constantly for sex and nothing was stopping us being that it was just him and myself living in this big ole house. Being naked in front of each other was just the norm, dressing up for him was not only comfortable but a thrill for us both. We had already started a little anal play and my going down on him was one of my favorite things to do. We did not kiss much, it seemed to personal for some strange reason, oh we did in the heat of the moment but not as a habit.
 I guess I am trying to say that we were very at ease with everything about sex but I would not let him go down on me. He had tried many times but I always pulled him up and away. I have no problem with him exploring me with his hands, using toys on me, shoving his cock in it, but to have him try to please me with his mouth just seemed too much, way too kinky, personal and maybe selfish. 
 He is very persistent and I hate to say no but it was something I did not think I would get over.
He finally got me to agree to let him try to just a few minutes later that evening after a shower. He was getting pushy asking me when I was going to be ready, “When can we do it?” He insisted that I explained to him how to do it as he had never done it before. I was surprisingly embarrassed as I explained how to spread the lips and find the bump, he even had me drop my pants and show him the exact spot, he nearly jumped at me when I did. I explained in detail how to shape his lips over the area and gently suck as he slowly ran his tongue over it
 In the shower I was thinking of ways out of it, as I shaved myself and made sure I was smooth clean if he was to be down there. The thought still had me feeling almost ashamed of what I was about to let happen.
When I got out of the shower he met me at the door naked and ready, followed me into my bedroom where I laid down still rapped in the towel, which he quickly ripped open and jumped on the bed. He went right for my boobs too fast and eager, I calmed him down enough to instructed him to give me a little while. I had him lay on top of me with my legs together and hump me while he sucked on me neck (OMG drives me nuts). I worked my hands between us to spread my lips to cradle his shaft as he was grinding upward his shaft making full contact. After about 10 minutes of his hard young body all over me as he slurped on my neck I needed to get off. I thought I should go ahead and get it over with so we could get onto some animal fucking.
 I grabbed his head with both hands and gently pushed down toward my boobs, letting him know it was time. I cringed as he kissed passed my boobs heading down. His body was crawling down the bed to get himself in place. I timidly opened my legs as he got settled, I felt his arms wrap up around my legs from under them and was reaching back to find my kitty. This meant his face was hovering right over it. I could not look down, I pictured what was going on at the moment, my son, face inches away spreading my lips to expose me, my son getting ready to,,,,,
 When I felt his lips capture my clitty followed by his tongue stroke it felt like I was hit by electric shooting up through my clitty, my body jumped, legs jerking, without knowing what I was doing I tried to push his head away from pure shock. He held on through the bucking, I felt a sharp pain that was his teeth hitting me as I bucked up, that is when I looked down and exploded he held fast in position doing exactly what I showed him. It was one of the most amazing orgasms I had ever had, even today. 
Needless to say I got over that.